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May-19, 11:50am EST

StatusCast's engineers were alerted that schedule maintenance events created from StatusCast's legacy application("V2") were not properly auto-closing after their estimated duration had been reached. After an initial investigation engineers have confirmed the cause on the service responsible and a patch was performed to correct the error. Any maintenance that was overdue for closure should have been resolved and StatusCast's engineers will continue to monitor the legacy process for this to ensure no other issues occur. 

May-16, 1:12pm EST
[closed] Our monitoring systems have detected a potential issue with Messaging. Our engineering team has been alerted and is actively investigating. We will update as soon as we have more information.
May-16, 1:16pm EST
We have fully investigated the messaging issue triggered by our automated alert, and it was determined that there is no noticeable customer impact. All systems are operational.
Cloud Providers Twilio
May-15, 10:01pm EST
[closed] KDDI Japan Numbers were degraded for 31 minutes between 17:19 and 17:50 Pacific Time on 05/15/2022. During this period, customers may have experienced Packet loss on From and To KDDI Japan Numbers. The issue has now been resolved.
Cloud Providers SendGrid
May-2, 8:22pm EST
[closed] Starting around 5:10 PT on May 2, 2022 our engineers began investigating an issue involving the validity of link certificates for SendGrid links. Customer may see errors when clicking on links when using Google Chrome. This does not impact mail send. As a workaround, please try opening the link in a different web browser. We will provide another update in 1 hour or as soon as more information becomes available.
May-2, 9:05pm EST
Our team identified the root cause of the certificate errors when attempting to resolve SendGrid links with Google Chrome browser. At this time, we are working towards implementing a solution to allow links to properly resolve. Another update will be provided in one hour or when a substantial update is available.
May-2, 10:15pm EST
We are still determining the solution for resolving the link certificate errors shown with Google Chrome on some versions. Updates will be given within the next two hours or as soon as more significant updates are available.
May-2, 10:36pm EST
Our team re-issued the valid certificates associated with our SendGrid-hosted links. Links that previously showed the certificate error now will begin to resolve when using the re-issued links. For those still encountering the link certificate errors, please clear your Chrome browser's cache, restart your browser and update the same to the latest version.
Cloud Providers Twilio
Apr-29, 2:16pm EST
[closed] Programmable SMS was degraded between 10:00 PM PDT on 04/17/2022 and 01:54 AM PDT on 4/25/2022. During this period, customers may have experienced failed inbound messages sent to Twilio numbers from the US T-Mobile network. The issue has now been resolved.
Apr-25, 8:00pm EST
[closed] SMS delivery was degraded for 50 minutes between 02:15 and 03:05 Pacific Time on 04/26/2022. During this period, customers may have experienced delays when sending messages to Vietnam Mobifone Network and Vinaphone Network.. The issue has now been resolved.