July 12, 3:25pm EST
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Jul-12, 3:25pm EST
[closed] StatusCast’s engineers were alerted by Microsoft that the traffic management service, Front Door, that we use to route cross regional traffic to our service has been experiencing intermittent issues due to an increase in overall requests.While this does not appear to be impacting our application, some users attempting to connect to a status page may initially receive a 400 error before the page loads fully. In these cases a refresh should establish a healthy connection. StatusCast engineers are monitoring the situation and keeping in contact with Microsoft as they assess and resolve the issue. Please refer to Azure’s status page for more specific details pertaining to the health of their product and services.
Cloud Providers Twilio
Jul-8, 10:00am EST
[closed] SMS APAC was degraded between 22:08 and 01:26 Pacific Time on 07/08/2021. During this period, customers may have experienced SMS delivery delays to Singtel Optus Australia. The issue has now been resolved.